Video surveillance and remote monitoring of your sites in and around Cannes

A global approach to risk management is required for better organizational effectiveness of site supervision.
Video surveillance is a system consisting of one or more surveillance cameras installed inside or outside an establishment. The cameras are equipped with motion detectors.
If an intrusion or suspicious action is detected in the area monitored, an alert is immediately sent by telephone, SMS or e-mail to the owner, security guard company and video surveillance company.


Video surveillance:

  • Prevent and Alert
  • Vigilance and recording, video input/output, suspicious actions

Remote monitoring:

  • Intrusion detection and control, alarm triggering.

Our equipment:

  • Comfortable outfits in keeping with your brand image.
  • Round Inspector
  • Radio link (walkie-talkie)
  • Pointer (socket and end-of-service)
  • Electronic logbook (on-site events)
  • GSM PTI (for protection of isolated workers)
  • Patrol and intervention vehicles

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