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We have a set of strict criteria for selecting security guards. They must be of good moral standing and of a serious character. Their job is to ensure the protection and safety of goods and people on your site.

They know the law relating to their security interventions. They will keep site management informed and collaborate with the police if necessary.
Security guards have a preventative role in deterring malicious acts. They supervise a site either by standing at a fixed station, or by making peripheral or perimeter rounds.

They are familiar with the location of installations that need to be monitored, and will carry out appropriate preventive measures (for example by activating warning devices).

Security and safety guards will also intervene in the event of flooding or fire. They manage access to the premises and know how to give first aid to the injured.

In the event of a problem, our security guards will carry out a site-specific intervention plan and call on the appropriate emergency services (police, ambulance or fire services).

They will apply safety rules and ensure they are also applied to people present on the site. They keep a written log of observations and write a report after each problem.


  • Qualified Security Officer
  • Security Guard Dog Handler
  • Theft Prevention Security Officer
  • Mobile Security Officer
  • Security Guard Video Operator

Example assignments:

  • Home and Access Control
  • Key management
  • General site supervision (rounds)
  • Ensure the proper functioning of technical equipment and supervision of various safety devices
  • Relief and assistance to people, protection and alert in case of accident or exceptional event

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