Fire safety company in Cannes

Our fire safety officers are responsible for the prevention of fire hazards in public buildings (ERP) and high-rise buildings (IGH and ITGH).

Whatever the nature of the facility, PSC fire safety teams play an important role in preventing fire hazards.

  • SSIAP 1: Fire Safety Officer (operation of the central fire safety station)
  • SSIAP 2: Fire safety team leader (management of the fire safety team)
  • SSIAP 3: Fire safety officer (management of the fire safety service)

Examples of assignments:

  • Prevention of fire risks (application of safety instructions, safety rounds, supervision of works, supervision of the central fire safety station),
  • Familiarising employees with fire safety, in particular assisting people
  • Basic maintenance of fire safety equipment
  • Emergency warning and direction of people, evacuation of the public
  • Preventative fire intervention (use of emergency and rescue equipment),
  • Compliance with industrial heath and safety fire regulations,
  • Training of personnel in fire safety,
  • Technical plan in the framework of fire safety regulations
  • Assisting people in their workplace,
  • Management of security stations in the event of disaster.

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