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Our security company has put in place a quality policy and made it a priority, because we can’t grow without the development of strong partnerships with our clients.
This policy is reflected in a business plan that aims to develop the existing organisation. This allows us to detect problems and remedy them without delay.
Our clients’ satisfaction is at the heart of our approach as a security company. That’s why we’ve developed a complementary service involving satisfaction surveys carried out in collaboration with our clients. This means we can stay in constant contact with our clients, to regularly assess their level of satisfaction and identify any additional needs.
The quality policy formalizes several arrangements set up in agreement with our clients.

Our commitment:

  • Our central concern is the recruitment and training of our security officers to offer consistent high quality services.
  • Ensure quick turnaround on requests and a friendly approach with our clients.
  • Advise on the most appropriate security services for your needs.
  • Draw up a written commercial quote in line with your expectations and needs.
  • Personalise our relationship with you by appointing a single point of contact who will oversee implementation and monitoring of the service as well as control of security agents.
  • Ensure all the means and skills necessary are in place to carry out and monitor the service.
  • Ensure compliance with the contract.
  • Act with confidentiality and discretion.
  • Ensure the availability and responsiveness of all our security team.
  • Be distinctive in the security market through recognized practices
  • Improve and optimize internal processes on an ongoing basis
  • Motivate our staff to satisfy our clients
  • Provide evidence of best practice with respect to ethical and social concerns: compliance with the regulatory framework for private security and social legislation.

Qualifications and prerequisites for hiring

  • Obtain CNAPS approval for any hire.
  • Recognized diploma-level qualification or equivalent.
  • Respect for moral and civic duties
  • Sense of responsibility and initiative
  • Responsiveness and professionalism.
  • Observation skills and ability to respond appropriately.
  • Ability to remain calm and courteous in any situation.
  • Social skills, reliability and self-control.
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